• Sally A Illingworth

It's time for me and you to stop procrastinating,

Updated: May 9

I've got a confession... for a year I've ignored you. Well, not really. I've wanted to give you what you asked for but I wanted it to be perfect. And guess what? Nothing is perfect. But I do have something that's pretty fucking awesome.

So it's begun.

Everyone is looking for the perfect play.

I know a lot of you are feeling a lot of pain and your plans have been crushed. But sometimes the hardest things are actually a blessing in disguise. But I also want to remind you of something...

Many of you have told me, you've been waiting for the perfect time to quit your job.

Opportunities don't always smack us in the face. But I'm giving myself a wake up call and I hope you're ready.

This is the time for doing, let's take the plunge together and see what we can build.

Are you ready?

Knock, knock...

Let's go.

Are you ready to consider your options?

Maybe you're not...

But you can wait and hope it gets better or take a small first step now and consider what this opportunity might hold for you by clicking here.

Chat soon,

Sally A Illingworth




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