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Sally A Illingworth

Sally is a strategic thinker, restorative business advisor and calculative action taker who thrives in fast-paced and complex-adaptive environments. With a wealth of practical multidisciplinary experience in operational strategy, project management, communications management, stakeholder management and cadence development Sally has an esteemed capability to design, build and restore functional operating models.

As an energetic business strategist, Sally works with clients of all shapes and sizes to help them overcome functional, experiential and communications challenges. Her passion for data and process enables her to provide thorough and effective service to her clients and design solutions that consider the needs of the business.

Sally’s ability to understand and improve things through her 5-step methodology (discover, diagnose, dissect, design and deploy) positions her competitively as an independent service solutions provider for clients across myriad industries.

In 2018 Sally was one of several industry experts who contributed to the SAP commissioned white paper on The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Retail. In 2019 Sally was one of 50 global experts who contributed to the Talkwalker and HubSpot Social Media Trends for 2020 research paper. In 2020 Sally Co-Authored the Wiley commissioned white paper on 5G AI-Enabled Automation.

As one of Australia's leading LinkedIn Business Media Personalities, Content Marketers and Educators, Sally boasts over 89M ORGANIC content views with an average Feed Content Engagement Rate of 2.76% with second order exposure reach to the effect of 200M, and an average LinkedIn Live Content Engagement Rate of 23.2%. Sally's approach to strategic content marketing is anchored to the art of Analytical Reasoning.

At age 18 Sally was one of Australia’s youngest Franchisees and at the age of 22 she was recognised by News Corp as the 59th most powerful person in the Northern Territory of Australia.

#brainsoverbreasts is her pioneered advocacy to recognize women for their intellectual capacity over their inherent female body features.


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